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Womenswear Label by Angela Cid

Angela, “From Angie” women’s wear label founder, describes herself as an entrepreneur more than a designer.
Her multitasking life being an MD of a Dubai based European company and the founder of her new fashion line of Kaftans, keeps herself on the go embracing everyday of her busy life with a lot of gratitude.
Mediterranean by heart and based in the Middle East since almost a decade, gave Angela the perfect sense of style to create her own modern Middle Eastern line of kaftans.

“I fell in love with the Abaya style that Arabian ladies wear so gracefully making them the most feminine and elegant culture. In my creations, I mix that sense of Arabian style with my own preferences which are full of vibrant colors and beautiful printed silks. Gratefully I found a large target group of ladies that feel inspired by what I create and this is my motivation and real engine to challenge myself everyday”


Passionate about everything she does, Angela likes to get involved in any social project benefiting others in need.
As a mother of 3 children, she understood that the privilege of having her family healthy and with all their needs covered, should be the same way for everyone.

Angela, as a Global Ambassador for APJ foundation, Artist for Peace and Justice, raising funds for this charitable and fundraising cause and encourages everyone to support them.
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